A very good question that came to my mind more than once and maybe you have asked yourself the question of whether or not PowerPath GDI really is a scam or not.

The simple truth to be known is that everything is a scam until you are able to decide just one thing in your own mind and that one thing is =) Do I want to keep wading through the endless crap here on the internet day in and day out searching for the goose that lays the golden eggs? or =) Do I want to actually pull my thumb outta my butt and take a chance with a program that is growing at an amazingly fast rate and only costs 10 bucks a month?

Those are the questions that I asked myself. Really, folks =) 10 bucks a month is only 33 cents a day and all you have to do is generate traffic to the PPGDI team url. 600 hits a day to be exact, but don’t fret about that! Because it is easy to generate 600 hits a day by just using ONE traffic exchange and it will only take you an hour a day to do it.

(If you send me a PM, I will tell you exactly which TE I use to generate my 600 hits an hour)

Update: The above statement is no longer valid. The traffic exchange that I was using to get my 600 hits per hour had a very lucrative bonus credit system in place that enabled users willing to constantly monitor their surfing to pick up generous bonus credit links. Those bonus credits were anything up to 150 credits per 30 pages surfed. That WAS how I was able to get 600 hits per hour.

Alas….. That particular traffic exchange was sold and now has a new owner that has done away with the bonus credit system all together. It was a sad day. Fortunately, there are still ways to generate your 600 hits in an hour by utilizing 3 or 4 autosurf sites. The sites I use are 1. surfing for visitors. 2. autosurfmyth. 3. 247autohits 4. simplyautohits. 5. smileytraffic.

Bonus credits don’t come around often with these sites, but if you use them all together at the same time you will easily get your 600 hits an hour. With these sites, I am only surfing for about 10 days of the month. These 10 days are enough for me to be able to get my monthly quota and more.

Anyway, if you are not already aware, GDI stands for Global Domains International and they are a domain hosting service. That’s great for you if you are planning to start a website, coz that’s what they provide you with for your 10 bucks (a website). You can choose the name that you want to call your website and you can design it yourself, too.

The best thing about GDI is that any person who becomes a member of GDI as a result of clicking on your ref links also pays their 10 bucks, but 1 out of their 10 bucks goes to you. So essentially you need to sign up 10 people in order to break even.

That my friends is where PPGDI comes in, you see they do all the recruiting on a collective basis and assign any newly recruited members to whomever is being promoted for at the time. Only until they get 6 members, though.

So, 6 members will pay you 6 bucks but it doesn’t stop there. Your down line is 5 levels deep and ends up looking like this =)

Entry    = You                                 No money yet!

Level 1 = Your first 6                  $6 each month in referral commissions

Level 2 = 6 X 6                               $36 (plus $6 from level 1) ($42 month)

(6×6 is the result of your first 6 getting their first 6)

Level 3 = 36 X 6                            $216 (plus $42 = $258 month)

Level 4 = 216 X 6                          $1296 (plus $258 = $1554 month)

Level 5 = 1296 X 6                        $7776 (plus $1554 = $9330 month)

Yes that is $9330 a month every month for as long as you continue paying your 33 cents each and every day!!

Q. How long does it take?

A. It is currently estimated to be taking around 9 months to fill a down line. However, with the recent application of google adsense ads it is expected to get faster and faster.

Now, this being a wordpress blog and all, I am unable to link to the PPGDI team sign up page, BUT if you are willing to copy and paste a url you are welcome to do that.