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Over the years, we’ve all been taught that the best way to grow a sizable mailing list is to give our visitors a great offer they can’t say no to. And the most common way to attract more traffic and readers is to pay or trade with another marketer to have a popup window or banner ad on their site with your offer and hope that the visitors will be intrigued enough to sign up. The ad might have music, flashy graphics or animations in an effort to not only bring in traffic, but also as a way to distract site visitors from other competing ads.

But more recently, we’re learning that popup ads, flashing ads and all those other gimmicks are simply driving visitors AWAY and leaving us with no sales and an unresponsive list.

Until now, there wasn’t a sure-fire way to get your ad noticed without getting on people’s nerves. One ad network is looking to change that – and do it all for free.

It’s called HoveringAds – You can check their site out, here!

HoveringAds is a unique, eye-catching way to advertise your site across an entire network without having to resort to using popups and banners that do nothing but hurt the eyes of the viewers.

With HoveringAds, your ad appears on the right side of the user’s screen, so they can still scroll on the web page without being interrupted on whatever they’re viewing. Since your ad appears off to the side, it’s more likely to get noticed without being distracting and abruptly closed. And HoveringAds follow the user as they scroll down, so your message is more prominent and not passed by like a static ad.

HoveringAds costs nothing to join and there’s no charge for any advertising. You simply fill out a short form and get the details of your account, then upload your ad and you’re ready to go! It’s simple and straightforward and most ads can be online within a few minutes.

For a limited time, HoveringAds is also opening the doors to what they call a
“Viral Marketing Avalanche”. If you refer a friend and THEY join, you get 100% of that person’s credits. If your friend refers a friend, you get 100% of THEIR credits too! Of course, your friends still get to keep their credits, but it’s like getting double or even triple the exposure without doing any extra work!

Many people are reporting terrific success with HoveringAds, particularly where popups and hover ads simply haven’t performed well in the past. Consider testing your current opt-in form with HoveringAds and gauge the response for yourself – you may be pleasantly surprised at the results!

To learn more, visit HoveringAds – it’s free to join and it’s easy to set up, too!


Are you aware of the fact that marketing an affiliate program is not as hard as you initially may have thought it is?

When I first started my career as an affiliate marketer I was frightened by all of these internet languages used to describe the myriad of marketing tactics. This feeling of being frightened was a turn off for me and continually discouraged me from taking the steps required.

Now, knowing that most of what is required to become an internet marketer is just simple common sense. It is now just the language used that I am still not entirely familiar with. For the most part, people are prone to giving up once discovering that the methods they are using do not work. That’s why you will find that almost 90% of all people that join affiliate programs don’t make any money at all. This can be explained by the fact that these people simply just apply the tactics provided by the affiliate programs and don’t put in the effort that is required to expand on the techniques that they are using.

I’m going to share some effective affiliate marketing techniques that can work wonders for your affiliate marketing campaigns, but only if you apply them and expand upon them.

Believe in the affiliate product you are promoting

Believing in the product you want to promote is a very important first step. You will not be able to promote a product and expect your visitor to buy it if you don’t even believe in that product yourself.  You should not even be trying to promote any product if you have not seen positive results from your own use of the product. Therefore, were you to promote a product that you have experienced results from, your enthusiasm for that product will be loudly reflected in your words. The average customer is more likely to purchase a product or enter into a program if they can see other like minded people enthusiastically recommending it.

Personal Endorsement

If the product you are promoting is actually worthy of endorsement, you should be able to source legitimate words of praise for it. Your own personal endorsement and testimonials will provide your visitor with a better understanding of the products credibility than any other advertising material you supply. It’s a good idea to ask your current customers or your up line for feedback as well. This feedback will add further credibility to the product by way of legitimate testimonials that are written by people whom are actually getting results.

The use of ezines and article directories

Article marketing is a really good way to reach potential prospects. If you don’t know how to write and or publish your own articles then you will simply just have to learn. Learning how to write articles and how to use them effectively is F.r.e.e. The alternative is to pay someone who knows how to write articles to do it for you and that (in my opinion) is a waste of valuable resources =) MONEY!!

Writing articles is NOT about hard selling

It is important for you to remember that your articles should be natural sounding and they must be able to provide the reader with something USEFUL. W.I.I.F.M. stands for “What’s in it for me?”. Me being YOUR readers NOT you!! Always try to put your readers interests first by writing articles that can provide them with a solution to a problem, the answers to their questions, and the information that they were initially looking for. No body online is interested in your self serving commercials. Just remember that making money is all about giving people what they need, not just about what you want.

Study your marketing stats

To really focus on your promotion and marketing results, you will need to study your site logs and stats pages. You can find your stats in your affiliate program back office. Most affiliate programs provide this service for their members. While some just supply stats on hits, sign ups and income, its still good information to know although you won’t know which ads work best. If this is the case, then create a redirect page which will be traceable through your site server logs. To do this is you create a page and link your affiliate program on that page. Your visitor will first be redirected to that page then from that page to the affiliate program. Now you will be able to track the number of hits that page gets to track your advertising campaign.

As you see, there are no complicated terms involved in affiliate marketing. It is just a little common sense, lots of research and reading to be able to understand terms and then practice. Putting the marketing techniques in to use. It may seem like a lot of hard work and it is, but if you were able to navigate your way to this article, then you can definitely do this. It all takes practice and then more practice and before you know it, it will become simpler.

Keep track of what techniques work and what techniques don’t work and you never know, maybe (in the future) you will be able to create your own affiliate marketing techniques just from the simple process of improving the ones already in use. So believe in your self and you will definitely succeed.

A very good question that came to my mind more than once and maybe you have asked yourself the question of whether or not PowerPath GDI really is a scam or not.

The simple truth to be known is that everything is a scam until you are able to decide just one thing in your own mind and that one thing is =) Do I want to keep wading through the endless crap here on the internet day in and day out searching for the goose that lays the golden eggs? or =) Do I want to actually pull my thumb outta my butt and take a chance with a program that is growing at an amazingly fast rate and only costs 10 bucks a month?

Those are the questions that I asked myself. Really, folks =) 10 bucks a month is only 33 cents a day and all you have to do is generate traffic to the PPGDI team url. 600 hits a day to be exact, but don’t fret about that! Because it is easy to generate 600 hits a day by just using ONE traffic exchange and it will only take you an hour a day to do it.

(If you send me a PM, I will tell you exactly which TE I use to generate my 600 hits an hour)

Update: The above statement is no longer valid. The traffic exchange that I was using to get my 600 hits per hour had a very lucrative bonus credit system in place that enabled users willing to constantly monitor their surfing to pick up generous bonus credit links. Those bonus credits were anything up to 150 credits per 30 pages surfed. That WAS how I was able to get 600 hits per hour.

Alas….. That particular traffic exchange was sold and now has a new owner that has done away with the bonus credit system all together. It was a sad day. Fortunately, there are still ways to generate your 600 hits in an hour by utilizing 3 or 4 autosurf sites. The sites I use are 1. surfing for visitors. 2. autosurfmyth. 3. 247autohits 4. simplyautohits. 5. smileytraffic.

Bonus credits don’t come around often with these sites, but if you use them all together at the same time you will easily get your 600 hits an hour. With these sites, I am only surfing for about 10 days of the month. These 10 days are enough for me to be able to get my monthly quota and more.

Anyway, if you are not already aware, GDI stands for Global Domains International and they are a domain hosting service. That’s great for you if you are planning to start a website, coz that’s what they provide you with for your 10 bucks (a website). You can choose the name that you want to call your website and you can design it yourself, too.

The best thing about GDI is that any person who becomes a member of GDI as a result of clicking on your ref links also pays their 10 bucks, but 1 out of their 10 bucks goes to you. So essentially you need to sign up 10 people in order to break even.

That my friends is where PPGDI comes in, you see they do all the recruiting on a collective basis and assign any newly recruited members to whomever is being promoted for at the time. Only until they get 6 members, though.

So, 6 members will pay you 6 bucks but it doesn’t stop there. Your down line is 5 levels deep and ends up looking like this =)

Entry    = You                                 No money yet!

Level 1 = Your first 6                  $6 each month in referral commissions

Level 2 = 6 X 6                               $36 (plus $6 from level 1) ($42 month)

(6×6 is the result of your first 6 getting their first 6)

Level 3 = 36 X 6                            $216 (plus $42 = $258 month)

Level 4 = 216 X 6                          $1296 (plus $258 = $1554 month)

Level 5 = 1296 X 6                        $7776 (plus $1554 = $9330 month)

Yes that is $9330 a month every month for as long as you continue paying your 33 cents each and every day!!

Q. How long does it take?

A. It is currently estimated to be taking around 9 months to fill a down line. However, with the recent application of google adsense ads it is expected to get faster and faster.

Now, this being a wordpress blog and all, I am unable to link to the PPGDI team sign up page, BUT if you are willing to copy and paste a url you are welcome to do that.