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It all started about a year and a half ago. I had been dabbling with the foreign exchange markets (quite unsuccessfully), an activity that I still regularly partake of and I suddenly came to the realization that if I am to become a successful internet marketer, I was going to have to pull my fat finger outta my fat butt and start doing some things differently.

So what did I do?

Well, it’s funny you should ask such a question. I did what every one does of course!

I went to Amazon and bought a handful of books on Internet Marketing and more specifically Affiliate Marketing. I am not even going to tell you which books I had bought because quite frankly they are of ‘NO USE’ to anyone. They are not even heavy enough to be used as a door stopper. Although if I were to bundle them all together and bind them with masking tape or something, as a whole they might actually be heavy enough… lol

So anyway, my journey as an infant affiliate marketer was not a prosperous one. I struggled to make back the cost of the books and softwares that I had bought. The fact that all of them stated that if I were to read and act on the information provided within, I would become richer than I could have imagined.


In fact, all those books provided me with was the ability to believe that making money on the internet is in fact something that can be done. The books themselves proved that it could be done. Not by using the information provided within those books though. They made me see this =) I have to write the books and sell them to unsuspecting beginners that are looking for ways to make money online. UNSCRUPULOUS BEHAVIOUR!!! if you don’t mind me saying so…

Anyway, I didn’t become a novelist and I don’t sell crappy books to unsuspecting newbies either. What I did do though, is START A BLOG, (not this one). I started a blog over at blogger, googles very own blogging platform.

Now, if you have read my previous post =) So you’ve started a blog, Now what do you do? You will notice that I have recommended that you use blogger for your blogs, and I still do….

HOWEVER….. I am NO LONGER using blogger myself. I am more in favor of using wordpress as my main blogging platform. Let me explain why…

I started my first blog over at blogger in November 2009. The title of the blog was ‘Make a few extra dollars’ and I wrote articles for it almost daily. It was hard work, phew!! Anyway, I managed it well and had numerous affiliate links embedded into my posts, a few banners (not too many), and google adsense ads were displaying on all pages.

It was well written and I was getting quite a bit of traffic as well. I even managed to build a small list of followers that soon became regular visitors and provided my blog with additional commentaries based on thoughts of their own. I was happy to be blogging and I thought that I had finally found a way to make money online.

Then one day out of the blue, I logged into my blogger dashboard to be confronted with a message that read,

‘This blog has been deleted!’

Sayonara to =)  ‘Make a few extra dollars’!!!

I was devastated as you can probably imagine. I had spent close to 5 months working on that blog (amongst others) and it was making me about $10 a day from advertising and in the blink of an eye – It was GONE!! Never to be seen again.

So what is the point of this article, then?

The point I am trying to make here, is that YOU need to be careful about what kind of links and content YOU put in your blog. My blog was suddenly classified as a SPAM blog by googles spam robot and resulted in being deleted by the robot. There were NO real people involved in the process, it is just a computer algorithm that google uses.

One thing that I was aware of, is the fact that I had way more outgoing links than incoming links, and I think that is one of the determining factors in the algorithm. Ideally, you need to have just as many or more incoming links than you have outgoing links.

Well, that is all I am going to write today. Stay tuned for more about blogging and linking and traffic etc.

Be back soon!!


It is all very well and easy to start your own blog. You just need to have something to write about, right? I’m sure you have plenty to write about, too.

Anyway, now that you have a blog set up and it has some USEFUL, well written posts that are related to each other in some way or another. What do you do now?

Get Some Traffic!

That my friends is more often than not, a pretty difficult task for a beginner. You could tell everyone you know about your new blog (including family and friends) and ask them to stop by and take a look – maybe even write a few comments or drop a rating. The problem with doing this though is – friends and family may not be interested in the topics you are writing about and may only visit once.

Here is what I recommend you do =)

Write yourself a minimum of 10 new articles related to the theme of your blog. These articles are NOT for your blog, though. You are going to submit them to some article directories like ezine articles or articles base, and also web2.0 sites like hubpages, squidoo, and weebly.


Because they will provide you with some quality one way back links to your blog which will then give you a better chance of being found naturally in the search engines. Now, in case you don’t know what a back link is =) it is a link from another website that will direct the visitor to your website. The best kind of link is a text link that can be found within a sentence or paragraph of a related article. So, since you will be writing articles, that is the kind of back link you will be creating.

In order to create the best possible chance of your site being found when someone does a search for a particular keyword, it is best that you use the same keyword set for each and every article that you write.

Build a Link Wheel (see the diagram below)

As you can see =) Your site is the center of the wheel. The hub, so to speak and also the center of attention. So in order to create your link wheel please follow the steps below.

1. Choose a site (lets start with squidoo) write an article and link the article to YOUR SITE.

2. Go to weebly and create an account, then write your article WITH (this is important) ONE link going to YOUR SITE and ONE more link going to the article that you wrote at squidoo.

3. Work your way around the circle linking each and every article to the previous article and to your site.

POINT TO REMEMBER =) The last article in the link wheel needs to be linked to the first article so as to complete the cycle.

And there you have it.

Go and create some useful, quality back links for your site.