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Are you aware of the fact that marketing an affiliate program is not as hard as you initially may have thought it is?

When I first started my career as an affiliate marketer I was frightened by all of these internet languages used to describe the myriad of marketing tactics. This feeling of being frightened was a turn off for me and continually discouraged me from taking the steps required.

Now, knowing that most of what is required to become an internet marketer is just simple common sense. It is now just the language used that I am still not entirely familiar with. For the most part, people are prone to giving up once discovering that the methods they are using do not work. That’s why you will find that almost 90% of all people that join affiliate programs don’t make any money at all. This can be explained by the fact that these people simply just apply the tactics provided by the affiliate programs and don’t put in the effort that is required to expand on the techniques that they are using.

I’m going to share some effective affiliate marketing techniques that can work wonders for your affiliate marketing campaigns, but only if you apply them and expand upon them.

Believe in the affiliate product you are promoting

Believing in the product you want to promote is a very important first step. You will not be able to promote a product and expect your visitor to buy it if you don’t even believe in that product yourself.  You should not even be trying to promote any product if you have not seen positive results from your own use of the product. Therefore, were you to promote a product that you have experienced results from, your enthusiasm for that product will be loudly reflected in your words. The average customer is more likely to purchase a product or enter into a program if they can see other like minded people enthusiastically recommending it.

Personal Endorsement

If the product you are promoting is actually worthy of endorsement, you should be able to source legitimate words of praise for it. Your own personal endorsement and testimonials will provide your visitor with a better understanding of the products credibility than any other advertising material you supply. It’s a good idea to ask your current customers or your up line for feedback as well. This feedback will add further credibility to the product by way of legitimate testimonials that are written by people whom are actually getting results.

The use of ezines and article directories

Article marketing is a really good way to reach potential prospects. If you don’t know how to write and or publish your own articles then you will simply just have to learn. Learning how to write articles and how to use them effectively is F.r.e.e. The alternative is to pay someone who knows how to write articles to do it for you and that (in my opinion) is a waste of valuable resources =) MONEY!!

Writing articles is NOT about hard selling

It is important for you to remember that your articles should be natural sounding and they must be able to provide the reader with something USEFUL. W.I.I.F.M. stands for “What’s in it for me?”. Me being YOUR readers NOT you!! Always try to put your readers interests first by writing articles that can provide them with a solution to a problem, the answers to their questions, and the information that they were initially looking for. No body online is interested in your self serving commercials. Just remember that making money is all about giving people what they need, not just about what you want.

Study your marketing stats

To really focus on your promotion and marketing results, you will need to study your site logs and stats pages. You can find your stats in your affiliate program back office. Most affiliate programs provide this service for their members. While some just supply stats on hits, sign ups and income, its still good information to know although you won’t know which ads work best. If this is the case, then create a redirect page which will be traceable through your site server logs. To do this is you create a page and link your affiliate program on that page. Your visitor will first be redirected to that page then from that page to the affiliate program. Now you will be able to track the number of hits that page gets to track your advertising campaign.

As you see, there are no complicated terms involved in affiliate marketing. It is just a little common sense, lots of research and reading to be able to understand terms and then practice. Putting the marketing techniques in to use. It may seem like a lot of hard work and it is, but if you were able to navigate your way to this article, then you can definitely do this. It all takes practice and then more practice and before you know it, it will become simpler.

Keep track of what techniques work and what techniques don’t work and you never know, maybe (in the future) you will be able to create your own affiliate marketing techniques just from the simple process of improving the ones already in use. So believe in your self and you will definitely succeed.


It all started about a year and a half ago. I had been dabbling with the foreign exchange markets (quite unsuccessfully), an activity that I still regularly partake of and I suddenly came to the realization that if I am to become a successful internet marketer, I was going to have to pull my fat finger outta my fat butt and start doing some things differently.

So what did I do?

Well, it’s funny you should ask such a question. I did what every one does of course!

I went to Amazon and bought a handful of books on Internet Marketing and more specifically Affiliate Marketing. I am not even going to tell you which books I had bought because quite frankly they are of ‘NO USE’ to anyone. They are not even heavy enough to be used as a door stopper. Although if I were to bundle them all together and bind them with masking tape or something, as a whole they might actually be heavy enough… lol

So anyway, my journey as an infant affiliate marketer was not a prosperous one. I struggled to make back the cost of the books and softwares that I had bought. The fact that all of them stated that if I were to read and act on the information provided within, I would become richer than I could have imagined.


In fact, all those books provided me with was the ability to believe that making money on the internet is in fact something that can be done. The books themselves proved that it could be done. Not by using the information provided within those books though. They made me see this =) I have to write the books and sell them to unsuspecting beginners that are looking for ways to make money online. UNSCRUPULOUS BEHAVIOUR!!! if you don’t mind me saying so…

Anyway, I didn’t become a novelist and I don’t sell crappy books to unsuspecting newbies either. What I did do though, is START A BLOG, (not this one). I started a blog over at blogger, googles very own blogging platform.

Now, if you have read my previous post =) So you’ve started a blog, Now what do you do? You will notice that I have recommended that you use blogger for your blogs, and I still do….

HOWEVER….. I am NO LONGER using blogger myself. I am more in favor of using wordpress as my main blogging platform. Let me explain why…

I started my first blog over at blogger in November 2009. The title of the blog was ‘Make a few extra dollars’ and I wrote articles for it almost daily. It was hard work, phew!! Anyway, I managed it well and had numerous affiliate links embedded into my posts, a few banners (not too many), and google adsense ads were displaying on all pages.

It was well written and I was getting quite a bit of traffic as well. I even managed to build a small list of followers that soon became regular visitors and provided my blog with additional commentaries based on thoughts of their own. I was happy to be blogging and I thought that I had finally found a way to make money online.

Then one day out of the blue, I logged into my blogger dashboard to be confronted with a message that read,

‘This blog has been deleted!’

Sayonara to =)  ‘Make a few extra dollars’!!!

I was devastated as you can probably imagine. I had spent close to 5 months working on that blog (amongst others) and it was making me about $10 a day from advertising and in the blink of an eye – It was GONE!! Never to be seen again.

So what is the point of this article, then?

The point I am trying to make here, is that YOU need to be careful about what kind of links and content YOU put in your blog. My blog was suddenly classified as a SPAM blog by googles spam robot and resulted in being deleted by the robot. There were NO real people involved in the process, it is just a computer algorithm that google uses.

One thing that I was aware of, is the fact that I had way more outgoing links than incoming links, and I think that is one of the determining factors in the algorithm. Ideally, you need to have just as many or more incoming links than you have outgoing links.

Well, that is all I am going to write today. Stay tuned for more about blogging and linking and traffic etc.

Be back soon!!

It is all very well and easy to start your own blog. You just need to have something to write about, right? I’m sure you have plenty to write about, too.

Anyway, now that you have a blog set up and it has some USEFUL, well written posts that are related to each other in some way or another. What do you do now?

Get Some Traffic!

That my friends is more often than not, a pretty difficult task for a beginner. You could tell everyone you know about your new blog (including family and friends) and ask them to stop by and take a look – maybe even write a few comments or drop a rating. The problem with doing this though is – friends and family may not be interested in the topics you are writing about and may only visit once.

Here is what I recommend you do =)

Write yourself a minimum of 10 new articles related to the theme of your blog. These articles are NOT for your blog, though. You are going to submit them to some article directories like ezine articles or articles base, and also web2.0 sites like hubpages, squidoo, and weebly.


Because they will provide you with some quality one way back links to your blog which will then give you a better chance of being found naturally in the search engines. Now, in case you don’t know what a back link is =) it is a link from another website that will direct the visitor to your website. The best kind of link is a text link that can be found within a sentence or paragraph of a related article. So, since you will be writing articles, that is the kind of back link you will be creating.

In order to create the best possible chance of your site being found when someone does a search for a particular keyword, it is best that you use the same keyword set for each and every article that you write.

Build a Link Wheel (see the diagram below)

As you can see =) Your site is the center of the wheel. The hub, so to speak and also the center of attention. So in order to create your link wheel please follow the steps below.

1. Choose a site (lets start with squidoo) write an article and link the article to YOUR SITE.

2. Go to weebly and create an account, then write your article WITH (this is important) ONE link going to YOUR SITE and ONE more link going to the article that you wrote at squidoo.

3. Work your way around the circle linking each and every article to the previous article and to your site.

POINT TO REMEMBER =) The last article in the link wheel needs to be linked to the first article so as to complete the cycle.

And there you have it.

Go and create some useful, quality back links for your site.

A very good question that came to my mind more than once and maybe you have asked yourself the question of whether or not PowerPath GDI really is a scam or not.

The simple truth to be known is that everything is a scam until you are able to decide just one thing in your own mind and that one thing is =) Do I want to keep wading through the endless crap here on the internet day in and day out searching for the goose that lays the golden eggs? or =) Do I want to actually pull my thumb outta my butt and take a chance with a program that is growing at an amazingly fast rate and only costs 10 bucks a month?

Those are the questions that I asked myself. Really, folks =) 10 bucks a month is only 33 cents a day and all you have to do is generate traffic to the PPGDI team url. 600 hits a day to be exact, but don’t fret about that! Because it is easy to generate 600 hits a day by just using ONE traffic exchange and it will only take you an hour a day to do it.

(If you send me a PM, I will tell you exactly which TE I use to generate my 600 hits an hour)

Update: The above statement is no longer valid. The traffic exchange that I was using to get my 600 hits per hour had a very lucrative bonus credit system in place that enabled users willing to constantly monitor their surfing to pick up generous bonus credit links. Those bonus credits were anything up to 150 credits per 30 pages surfed. That WAS how I was able to get 600 hits per hour.

Alas….. That particular traffic exchange was sold and now has a new owner that has done away with the bonus credit system all together. It was a sad day. Fortunately, there are still ways to generate your 600 hits in an hour by utilizing 3 or 4 autosurf sites. The sites I use are 1. surfing for visitors. 2. autosurfmyth. 3. 247autohits 4. simplyautohits. 5. smileytraffic.

Bonus credits don’t come around often with these sites, but if you use them all together at the same time you will easily get your 600 hits an hour. With these sites, I am only surfing for about 10 days of the month. These 10 days are enough for me to be able to get my monthly quota and more.

Anyway, if you are not already aware, GDI stands for Global Domains International and they are a domain hosting service. That’s great for you if you are planning to start a website, coz that’s what they provide you with for your 10 bucks (a website). You can choose the name that you want to call your website and you can design it yourself, too.

The best thing about GDI is that any person who becomes a member of GDI as a result of clicking on your ref links also pays their 10 bucks, but 1 out of their 10 bucks goes to you. So essentially you need to sign up 10 people in order to break even.

That my friends is where PPGDI comes in, you see they do all the recruiting on a collective basis and assign any newly recruited members to whomever is being promoted for at the time. Only until they get 6 members, though.

So, 6 members will pay you 6 bucks but it doesn’t stop there. Your down line is 5 levels deep and ends up looking like this =)

Entry    = You                                 No money yet!

Level 1 = Your first 6                  $6 each month in referral commissions

Level 2 = 6 X 6                               $36 (plus $6 from level 1) ($42 month)

(6×6 is the result of your first 6 getting their first 6)

Level 3 = 36 X 6                            $216 (plus $42 = $258 month)

Level 4 = 216 X 6                          $1296 (plus $258 = $1554 month)

Level 5 = 1296 X 6                        $7776 (plus $1554 = $9330 month)

Yes that is $9330 a month every month for as long as you continue paying your 33 cents each and every day!!

Q. How long does it take?

A. It is currently estimated to be taking around 9 months to fill a down line. However, with the recent application of google adsense ads it is expected to get faster and faster.

Now, this being a wordpress blog and all, I am unable to link to the PPGDI team sign up page, BUT if you are willing to copy and paste a url you are welcome to do that.


Welcome back to affiliate revuez!

If this is your first time here, I suggest you take the time to read some of the other posts here at this blog.

This particular article is a follow up to Getting Started As An Affiliate Marketer, so if you haven’t read that yet click here.

Now, assuming you have chosen a niche, done some research, and implemented your plan all the way through. You are now well on the way to becoming a fully fledged Internet marketer. DON’T give up your day job just yet, though.

You’ll need to just continue plodding along at a steady pace to maintain a little momentum and build upon what you have created.

A good way to do this is to start a blog! Like this blog that you have been so kind to read. You may choose to use one of many blogging platforms, I personally chose to use wordpress. Please keep in mind that wordpress doesn’t allow you to have affiliate links, so if you want to monetize with affiliate links, so if you want to sell products it’s probably better to use blogger or weebly.

I had no intention of monetizing this blog directly. It actually serves a much more useful purpose. (Link juice!)

Of course you probably already know that you will need to have your own website, meaning your very own piece if cyber real estate. A domain, so to speak.

It is this domain that will serve as your landing page for your affiliate business and it is from this landing page that you will direct your customers / visitors to the final sales page.

Now, your website will need to have multiple pages, 4 or 5 is good and you need to make triple sure that all of your affiliate links are going to where they are supposed to go. This is very, very important because by the time your visitors reach your landing page, they will be ready to buy.

So why do I need a blog?

Well, the main purpose of a blog is to write about things that you know a little bit about and to attract the readership of people whom are looking for information related to what you are writing about. The best thing about a blog is the fact that it doesn’t necessarily have to be the best. It just has to be USEFUL.

So, why not go and start your own blog today!

I recently read a forum post at WA (written by Travis) about him only having $10 to his name and having to turn a profit and it really set the gears in my head in motion.

I firmly believe that if a person can’t make money on the internet, starting with a just a little, then having a lot simply won’t help.

Imagine having just 1 hour to chop down a tree. Not an impossible task, is it? An axe is all you need, right?


You will also need a plan and a plan on how you are going to implement your plan. Here’s what I’m going to do.

I’m going to spend the first 45min sharpening my axe, as they say. This means proper research on how I am going to go about implementing my plan. Then I’m gonna chop the sucker down. Replace that tree with Internet marketing and making money and you’ll be able to understand what kind of mindset is needed.

I know from experience that Internet marketing is really just Direct Marketing, only difference is you are utilizing a different medium, that medium being the WWW instead of paper/mail and the telephone. What this means is that all the same rules still apply.

You still need to have a product and a hungry market to sell the product to. You need to have a message for that market, preferably a message that is able to solve a specific problem, and you have to have a way to deliver that message to your target audience. Pay per click advertising (adwords) is a good way to deliver your message to the hungry masses. To learn more about PPC, you should consider buying Beating Adwords

Now, in order for you to move forward, you have to adopt the mindset that this is a process, and that it doesn’t have to happen by tomorrow and there is no point in chasing the big kahunas. (By definition, chasing means to pursue something that is diverging away from you) therefore it is better to proceed methodically, try and fail, try again and succeed, adjust, rinse and repeat the whole process, again and again. All the while moving forward and getting closer to achieving success.

A simple plan for moving forward may look like this –


– Research an idea.

– Create a plan around that idea.

– Check some forums for Niches related to your idea.

– Do a Trend Search at Google.

– Narrow down niches into more specific niches that are easily identifyable, easy to reach, and have money.

– Go back to the forums to see if you can spot any consistent questions and problems.

– Research some affiliate programs for your chosen 3 niches and see if any solve a particular problem or question.

– Choose 1 niche to begin testing with.

– Save all the rest for future reference.


– Keyword Research – Find specific words that are related to the product and that solve the searchers problem.

– Develop a review style landing page using 3 of the affiliate products that you have found. (must be similar products).

– Create a New campaign broken into specific adgroups with broad, phrase and exact matching and dynamic keyword insertion in the title.

– Flip the switch to start testing.

– Gather results, adjust, and improve on what you can.

Your first goal should be to complete all of the above process steps thoroughly to launch.

Your next goal is to attain your first sale.

Then, once you have a good solid campaign up and running, your goals should look like this.

$50/mo (after 2 mths)

$100/mo (after 4 mths)

$250/mo (after 6 mths)

$500/mo (after 8 mths)

$1000/mo (after 1 year)

Then all there is left to do is evaluate, adjust, rinse, repeat, and set new goals.

The above plan is a good solid plan for success and if followed has the potential to create enormous wealth.

To learn how I am able to know such information and use it successfully, all you have to do is become a wealthy affiliate.

Here’s to your success!

Today I would like to take the time to introduce to you a real little golden nugget that is quite simply referred to as Beating Adwords.

You may or may not have seen the claims like, “How I made $16,000 in one week!” or “Make $4,846 in 3 days with NO MONEY!”, and they look great and all, but the real question is, “Does Beating Adwords really deliver what everyone is claiming that it delivers?”

That is why I want to take the time to introduce you to the ebook, Beating Adwords. It is not a get rich quick system. (They don’t exist!!). It is an extremely useful little book explaining how you can shuffle the cards and get the odds working in your favor.

Most people consider Beating Adwords to be the only useful guide to making money by way of Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising. We all know that PPC ads are the ads or sponsored links that are displayed next to and above the search engine results when a person does a search for a specific term or phrase. They are called PPC ads because of the fact that you are not required to pay for anyone to view such ads, you only pay when and if someone actually clicks on the ad.

There is a lot to know about how to use PPC ads effectively for the purpose of generating leads and sales to your affiliate websites and Beating Adwords will guide you step by step through the process of setting up a successful PPC campaign. It does so in a well written and easy to follow format and will provide you with all you will need to know. Including all the do’s and the don’ts.

The techniques and strategies are targeted towards all skill levels including beginners, intermediates and expert affiliate marketers. In fact, Kyle and Carson, the authors of Beating Adwords, share the exact techniques and strategies that they currently use themselves. Proven techniques that actually bring proven results.

So, if you have any inclination towards learning how to effectively create and profit from PPC advertising campaigns then Beating Adwords is (In my opinion) the only option for you.

Affiliate marketing can be a very time consuming venture and requires a great deal of research and planning to be successful.

Lets assume that you have found an audience, meaning you have readers/visitors to your blog/website and you may even have some regular visitors and followers. How do you know what to sell them?

Sell them whatever it is that they are interested in. Easy, isn’t it?

For the most part, people who decide to challenge themselves to make money online assume the role of “The Affiliate”. This essentially means that the person has decided to promote a product that belongs to someone else in exchange for a commission. It is common for such commissions to vary according to and relative of the product or service that ”The affiliate” is promoting and are generally between 5-75% of the total price of the product. 50% being a pretty standard commission.

For example, the affiliate program over at Wealthy Affiliate enables their members to earn 50% recurring commissions which equates to a nice round sum of $20 per month in commissions for every referral that you are able to sign up to their program! Therefore, if you were to sign up 10 new members each month, every month for 6 months – You would be earning $1200 per month every month there after.

There are however, many, many other products and services that an affiliate can promote. There are digital products such as computer softwares and e books. There are physical products such as real published books, magazines, cd’s, dvd’s, electrical appliances, home wares, and a million or so more.

With such a multitude of products and services that can be promoted, it should be easy to find something. One thing that you will need to keep in mind is; It is always a good idea for you to try to promote products that you have personally purchased and or know a little bit about. It is so, so much easier to promote something that you have personal experience with and saves a huge chunk of time that you would have to spend researching a product that you know nothing about.

If you would like to challenge yourself to make your first sale on the internet, I recommend you consider promoting the wealthy affiliates program. This program is extremely effective and you can earn whilst you learn. Very few programs make that possible. In the meantime, feel free to check out some of my other articles here at affiliate revuez.

(anon.) When all you have is a HAMMER, everything looks like a NAIL.

The 21st century in which we are living is moving ever so rapidly along. It is most commonly referred to as the information age where by the use of a pc and the Internet we can easily tap into a myriad of extra income earning opportunities, and the need for a J.O.B. is becoming less and less of a necessity.

With the Internet it is now possible to start a business with very few out of pocket expenses. Less than a hundred dollars is more than enough. Then by using the Internet, we may easily develop a blog, a website, or even an online store. Thus making it possible for anyone to turn a $100 investment into thousands or more.

It won’t happen overnight, but with a little dedication and hard work, it will happen. Anything is possible. Just look at Craigslist, a million dollar business that was started with an idea and a free blog. Anyone can do it, it just requires you to get out of your comfort zone and make an effort to succeed.

One problem that I am constantly seeing these days is too many people are on the look out for the Holy Grail sytem of Internet marketing that they can just plug in and become instant millionaires overnight. Let me tell you that such systems don’t exist, and anyone who claims to know the secret to success is probably just trying to part you from your hard earned cash.

So, What is the key? You say!

It’s simple, so amazingly simple in fact that even a complete beginner can do it. All that is required of you is that you step out side of your comfort zones and adapt yourselves to whatever situation that is presented to you. Force yourselves to find a way to succeed and you will!

I know it sounds like a difficult task, and some (many) people find it very difficult to do, but it needs to be done. Challenge yourselves to learn a new skill, use your heads (your whole heads) and brainstorm a list of ideas, write a list of short term goals, and most importantly, take action and use the technology of today (the Internet) to research ways and means that will help you to propel yourselves forwards and achieve your goals.

Adaptability is the key to success. Learn to adapt yourselves, your minds, and your way of doing things and you will find that you will be so much closer to being able to make money on the Internet.

It’s really not at all hard to do, and you will soon discover that you will start noticing things that you hadn’t noticed before. I certainly did.

Affiliate marketing is really not at all difficult to learn and can be learned in a relatively short period of time.
The basic principle of affiliate marketing is basically just to direct a buyer to a sellers website. The buyer buys what the seller is selling and you (the affiliate) earn a commission from the proceeds of the sale. Simple isn’t it?

Well the concept is very simple, and the process of getting paid is all very simple, too. However, getting people to read your articles and to act on the information you have provided is a pretty big bridge that many new affiliate marketers find difficult to cross.

That is why I’d like to take the opportunity to talk about some of these obstacles and help new marketers make some money. So, if you have a few minutes each day, why not come back here and take a look. You never know, you might even learn something new.

Stay tuned!